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Remember to: “Seize the DANCE…in Style!”

Carpe Dancem Apparel, LLC

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The Website is Up!

The official website is up for Carpe Dancem Apparel LLC! Enjoy browsing!  Feedback is welcome.  Thank you in advance.

Carpe Dancem Apparel

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Eat Well to Dance Well

Portion control is one tip that can help all dancers.  Eat lighter meals to feel lighter on the dance floor.  Since we still need a considerable amount of fuel to power through rehearsals, performances and competitions, eat more meals.  Eating 5-6 smaller meals per day is common.  For example a day’s meals could be spread out by 3 hour intervals: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm.  The meals are smaller in size, but packed with nutrients!  Protein is essential in the morning and afternoon.  Carbs are welcome in the evening before a competition or dance event that could be taxing on the body.  Lots of greens are a must!  Go organic for the most nutrient-packed food around! 

Equip your dance bag, too.  Best strategy: keep a bag of nuts on hand to snack on during a break at rehearsals.  Almonds are high in protein and will give you the strength you need to get up and go!  They are the perfect snack since the protein burns off slower than other foods in your system, thus staying with you for longer periods of time.  Protein bars can help in the samw way.  Just make sure the one you choose is low in sugar so that your energy does not peak then crash (an effect of sugar).  Recommended protein bars include Power Bars, Zone Bars and Luna Bars.  Make protein shakes or smoothies to sip after practice.  During practice you’ll want water on hand.  Smart Water is truly the best as it has Electrolytes to keep you from depleting your body.  Bon appétit!

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Run, Bike and/or Swim?

Which will it be?  Is it running, biking and/or swimming that you will add to your training regimine?  Read the following post for more information!

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Fitness for Dancers

CARDIO is the answer!  Doing cardio outside of dance classes and rehearsals will help build ENDURANCE and STAMINA!  Forms of cardio can include RUNNING, SWIMMING, BIKING, etc.  Find the one or combination you like to do for 20-40 minutes per day.

Why does this help dancing?  Think about it; when your body has reached its limit and is exhausted, will you dance your best?  No way!   The movement becomes uncontrolled and sloppy.  In a long dance performance or at a dance competition where you perform multiple times, STAMINA and ENDURANCE will carry you through.

We all have a “wall” that we will hit eventually.  However, we can gain a competitive edge by pushing the fatigue onset time later, so we can dance longer with the same precision and poise.  CARDIO every day is the success formula! Enjoy going the distance!

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“Hot” by Burn the Floor, Broadway

When is the Burn the Floor world tour coming to your neighborhood?

Check their website for details!

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Seize the DANCE…

Carpe Dancem Apparel

Carpe Dancem Apparel

Carpe Dancem Apparel

Carpe Dancem Apparel wants all dancers to jump up and “Seize the DANCE!” 
Learn more about our products and services at Our Designs tab above and in the following post…
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… in Style!

At Carpe Dancem Apparel, we outfit the dancer to practice and train in style!

The Collection

Children's Collection

Custom Jackets

Learn more about our products and services from the videos (Our Designs tab)!

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Martha Graham


Martha Graham

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The Dancer’s Body

The “Dancer’s Body” is a delicate subject and must be addressed with caution.  Nevertheless, there are truths to why having a dancer’s body is helpful for the dancer.  Before I begin, I want it to be known that I believe everyone has the potential to dance and that all shapes and sizes can move beautifully to music!  This is part of the beauty of dance!  Now, for my argument below, I am referring to professional dancers and those who are committed to refining their skills to a highly regarded level of precision, difficulty and technique.

It is advantageous to the pro or semi-pro dancer to be in shape for many reasons.  First of all, dance is a sport; it is physically demanding.  The athletes must condition the mind and the body, starting with the body.  When you think of top athletes in the world, they tend to be very toned and strong.  Their minds and bodies are sculpted.

Secondly, dance is an art.  The performer is a beauty to behold.  And, since we are dancing before  an audience, it is that audience who judges the performance.  The physicality of the dancers is certainly taken into account.  Furthermore, we dance for judges at competitions and having a shapely body will please their eyes and senses.  Thus, this attribute will rake in the points from judges and praise from the audience.  Society has expectations.  It is advantageous for us to try to live up to them.

Lastly, being in peak condition allows the dancer to be “at the top of his/her game,” executing the choreography with grace and agility.  Of course, fine tuning the instruments is not a one month or one year process; rather, it is a continuous process that requires great focus, dedication and inspiration.  It is worth the effort all along!  Good luck!  Enjoy the process.  See the post entitled “Fitness for Dancers” to get tips.

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