About Us

Carpe Dancem Apparel LLC is an exciting, fast growing company offering both products (1) and services (2) to help you reach your dance goals! Keep reading…

Carpe Dancem Apparel LLC Dance Leap

  1. The company designs fashionable dance practicewear for the individual dancer to look smashing and feel fantastic at hard-core practices, classes and rehearsals!  You can also wear your passion on the street with The Collection (See videos 1 + 3 @ Our Designs tab above).
  2. The company takes custom orders for dance groups who wish to show their dedication and professionalism.  Names, images and logos are screen printed and embroidered on professional warm-up jackets, shoe bags, comfortable hoodies… These are the Custom Designs (See video 2 @ Our Designs tab above).

Soon you will be able to shop our online catalog.  In the meantime all requests for items seen in the videos can be placed by email: carpe.dancem@gmail.com or by phone: 203-583-1358. Ask for Mary-Morgan.   Thank you for your business!

Carpe Dancem Apparel LLC Logo

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